Durango League Tournament

8U Tournament: June 15-16

12U Tournament: June 12-15

10U Tournament: June 19-23

14U Tournament: June 19-22

Teams will be seeded and brackets updated after final regular season scores are reported. The 10U/14U schedule will be published by 6/16.

Tournament rules will follow regular season rules.

Pitching Guidelines: For 10U/12U/14U divisions, we will use inning counts instead of pitch tracking. 

  1. If a pitcher pitches more than 4 innings in one calendar day, a 36-hour rest period will apply.
  2. Each out recorded while a pitcher is pitching shall count as 1/3rd of an inning.
  3. Maximum Innings in One Calendar Day = 7 innings. 
  4. Maximum Innings for Tournament (including Championship game) = 9 innings.
  5. Inning counts should be included in your books for tracking purposes.

Spring 2024

The Durango League Tournament is for 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U teams that participated in the league during the spring 2024 season.

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